2010 Award Winners

The ACBO State Convention was held on November 5-7, 2010. On Saturday, November 6, the Awards Committee presented 4 winners to the convention. These winners were really noteworthy as you will see.

The Ambassador Award:
George J. Coorey, Presented in absentia to his Daughter, Linda Gerard. George was one of the three founders of the Cincinnati chapter of ACB in 1979. Through the following years until his death at the age of 83, he was ever active with the Cincinnati Blind Bowlers and the ACB on the local, state, and national levels.

Ruth Davidson Award:
Donna Faust, the former director of the talking book library in Cincinnati, who, for many years was well known through her dedicated service to southern Ohio blind and visually impaired readers as director of the Cincinnati Library for the Blind.

Media Award
Joyce Rogers, for her work in writing for a Cincinnati-area weekly paper about blind and visually impaired people and their concerns. Joyce, a member of ACB since 1982 and president of the Cincinnati chapter of ACB, wrote articles about people who were blind and their accomplishments.

Municipality Award:
The city of Columbus Traffic Engineer’s office for the many accommodations for blind and visually impaired pedestrians through placement of accessible traffic signals in the city of Columbus.