In its program of promoting excellence in the state of Ohio, ACBO presents awards at its fall conference and convention to those who have distinguished themselves throughout the year to improve conditions for blind and visually impaired people. Past winners of an award are not eligible if received within the last five years.

Descriptions of Ohio Awards

Each year, at the annual conference and convention of the American Council of the Blind of Ohio (ACBO), awards are presented to worthy individuals and organizations. The awards which may be presented are as follows:

  1. Ken Morlock Award: Given to an Ohioan who is blind or visually impaired who has worked to improve the lives of blind Ohioans.
  2. Ruth Davidson Award: Given to a sighted Ohioian who has worked to enhance the lives of persons who are blind or visually impaired.
  3. Ambassador Award: Given to an ACBO member who has worked for ACBO and the blind community.
  4. Arlene Cohen Art Of Teaching Award: Given to a blind or sighted Ohio teacher of blind or visually impaired students.
  5. Media Award: Given to an Ohio person or organization who has written or reported about blindness or issues that concern blind or visually impaired persons. All nominations for the Media Award must be accompanied by the article, video, or other presentation which is the basis for the nomination.
  6. Employer Of The Year Award: Given to an Ohio employer who has hired and made accommodations for employees who are blind or visually impaired.
  7. Community Service Award: Presented to a city, town, or organization for its outstanding efforts it has put forth to enhance the lives of blind or visually impaired people.

Nominations for Ohio Convention Awards

The deadline for award nominations is September 15, 2023. Letters of nomination may be mailed to the ACB-Ohio office:

3805 North High St.
Suite 305
Columbus OH 43214

or sent via email to with the subject “Awards Committee.”

You may use this sample awards nomination form if you wish.

If you need help with your submission or have questions, contact the office at (614) 261-3561.